Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Made It (Freebie!)

It has been such a busy day for me today as I try to get as much stuff done before school starts as I can. We do not have students until August 14, however as of August 1 I have to be back at school for Language Arts meetings. I would really like to just get everything created, laminated, etc. before then so that it is all ready to go up in my classroom. :)

So yesterday I made some table numbers to hang from the ceiling over my desks. I liked the blue but thought that they might not be the exact blue that matches my other classroom stuff. Therefore, I also made the green and linked them up in my last post.

At my school we have to post our starter, exit slip, outcome, agenda, etc. We also have to have CHAMPS posted on our board. So I made these quickly last night:


These will be cut out on cardstock, laminated and then I put magnets on the back for on my whiteboard. 

The blue Moroccan tile CHAMP cards can be downloaded free HERE

The green Moroccan tile daily starter, agenda, exit slip, outcome and date can be downloaded for free Here.

I have also been getting some images and quotes ready for my bulletin board on the memoir Warriors Don't Cry. This is my exploratory class that I am teaching this year. I will teach the unit 4 times to 4 different classes this school year. I thought having one bulletin board up all year with pictures about the Little Rock Nine will be great to have as a reference for the kids. I also have purchased a few books to display in the front of the classroom so that they can look through them whenever they have some free time to get a sense of what life was like in 1957 and during segregation. I absolutely love teaching this book and my class I taught it to loved it in the past. I am super excited to be teaching this again!

The last thing I have been working on today is finding some uplifting quotes to put in my dollar store frames that I purchased. I have spray painted the frames to match my classroom colors and now I just need the quotes to pop in them. I'll keep you posted on what I finally decided on using.

Tomorrow will probably be another Teacher Resource Center day so I can laminate my many items. I'm hoping to take some pictures (if I remember) so that I can share this fabulous place with y'all.

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