Saturday, July 27, 2013

Snapshots of the Week


I decided to jump in to Mrs. Nelson's Saturday Snapshots...and other photos from the week.

Since I've never shared photos of my "babies" I thought I would show you a few. Hubs and I have only been married 4 years and don't have any children yet, but we do have "fur babies." I had an adorable kitten, Izzy, when we started dating. Why yes, she got her name from the one and only Grey's Anatomy Isabelle Stevens but I shortened it to Izzy.

Shortly after we started dating hubs got an adorable pup from the pound. Unfortunately, she was very ill and needed a liver shunt, daily injections, etc. and was only 4 months old! The vet told us he had never seen a dog so sick at such a young age in his 30+ years of practice. There was no way hubs (my boyfriend at the time) could keep her and so we had to take her back so they could put her down. We had adoringly named her Lucy--a nickname my family has always called me. 

He really wanted a pup and was so sad that this sweet one was so ill and it just about broke my heart. I found the other cutest pup in the world at the Kentucky Humane Society and we traveled to see/purchase her the next day! We named her Ethel--to pay homage to our Lucy--and call her Ellie.

Here is baby Ellie. Her ear stuck up for a day or two and then went back down for a button-ear look. She is in the garage at my parent's house on the day we graduated from undergrad.

We got married a year later and combined our lovely pets into one household. They have a love/hate relationship that is quite humorous for us to watch. Also known as the dog who wants the cat to love her but the cat who wants nothing to do with the dog. HA!

Hubs also has a slight obsession with Ms. Izzy. He has never had a cat before and acts like a five-year-old with her because she doesn't really like anyone but me and likes to do her own thing. It is quite humorous!

Here are some fun pics (and a few oldies!)...

Nothing like coming home to hubs and Ellie...dressed up? Hubs likes to mess with her too sometimes. ;)

Pretty typical Izzy. She loves her cat tunnel! She also LOVES plastic bags but I am way too worried she would strangle herself so I have to put them up. This tunnel makes that nice crinkle sound that she loves. It's a compromise! HA!

"If I fits, I sits!"

Last week I had a lovely little shipment from The Container Store with a pristine box. This was the perfect size and it was love at first sight!

So I made a joke to the hubs the night before that I might "bling" out her box since I was trying to be more crafty this summer. So this happened...

Hubs took over my job. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Izzy liked it so much. She sort of stopped playing with it as much. Needless to say on cleaning day we ended up pitching it out. It was fun while it lasted.

Which leads me to the fun we had this weekend. We are obviously huge party people on the weekend. Last night Izzy kept trying to grab my hair tie off of the coffee table (she has a weird obsession with these and we find them all over the floor! I swear I pick them up!). So hubs decided to have some more fun...

He thinks he is so crafty after watching me all summer... nothing like some ribbon hanging from my family room ceiling with one of her jingle balls on the end and... at last! The amazing hair tie!
Hard to see it but she has hit it and it's swinging!

Hours of fun! We eventually added a second hair tie and then she attacked my bobby pins so one was added. She tired out soon after.

This was my creation over the weekend! I took some quotes I loved and typed them up over a fun background. I bought cheap Dollar store frames, spray painted them and voila! Cute pictures frames for my classroom. Izzy enjoyed them too!

She may look angry but this is her begging me to pet her. :)

Now you probably know way more than you wanted to about our little obsession with Izzy & Ellie. Hopefully I'll have some real pics next week to share with you with a few less animal pics. :) 

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