Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classroom in the Works

I am worn out y'all! Today was a busy day but a lot (thankfully!) was accomplished. 

I did have a few minions at my service--adult minions that is...my fabulous and fantastic husband stopped by after work and my mom even popped over after her professional development meeting. It takes a village to make a classroom look cute, am I right?

Here is my sneak peek:

Ha! There is my handsome husband helping me decorate my desk. Yes, he is wearing a contact paper unibrow! He was going for the Anthony Davis look--we love Kentucky basketball in this house! :) He always keeps me laughing and we have a lot of fun together. I just had to take this picture for my black book. Thankfully he approved it for the post. 

Now I have a question for y'all. See those horrible desk legs that are all smudged up and not shiny? Any advice? I'm not sure what to use to clean them with or if I should just cover them with something. What do you do? HELP! I will be forever grateful!

Ugh, and please ignore my messy desk right now. I literally have crap thrown everywhere as I try to get it all cleaned up. And of course, my McDonald's Diet Coke...I live off this stuff! (On a funny note, one of my kids was asked something about drawing a picture of a teacher (I think it was supposed to be a comparison between two teachers or a teacher and a student) and he had drawn a picture that resembled me and had a Diet Coke McDonald's cup! LOL!)

I'm hoping to post pics soon. Keep your fingers crossed--tomorrow will be a full classroom day!

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  1. find a fun & colorful duct tape...I found an amazingly adorable purple owl duct tape I used as a bulletin board boarder. Use a coordinating design to hide the ugly. Good luck....


    1. Thanks so much Melissa! If I can't figure out how to clean them I may try this. I'm just not sure what my principal would think about it though since it seems like it would be harder to get off the desk. :/

  2. Our house is Big Blue Nation all the way. We actually had our walls painted that bright KY blue until a few years ago. I would use some of that pretty duct tape or contact paper. Not use how well the contact paper would stick.
    My hubby hates helping in my classroom. He would rather stay home with the kids and let me be gone all day. Probably because I am such a control freak with my room;) We have a difference of opinion on how MY room should look.

    The Busy Busy Hive

    1. I love that you had painted some of your walls KY blue! We actually have the door to our home painted KY blue...although I just found out it is technically not allowed by our HOA. Whoops! No one has complained though so I'm not changing it. HAHA ;)

      Ugh, I totally understand the control freak thing about your classroom. Since it is my space I'm that way too. I'm lucky my husband just asks what he can do to help and does as requested. HAHA

  3. LOVE adult minions. My friend will be in next week to help me along with a couple of half-baked minions (teen agers). You call that a messy desk?!?! I can see the desk... that's a clean desk! LOL! I vote for the duct tape as well. Shiny, metallic spray paint would be great, too, but you'd probably want to drag it outside to do it, and that can run into a lot of work and mess.

    1. You are too kind Angela! I am a crazy woman about my desk. I work at it a lot right now as I'm organizing and putting stuff up in my classroom and so it drives me crazy when things aren't in order. I think that is why it is taking me awhile to set-up my classroom. I really am OCD when it comes to my classroom stuff. I have always tried to make copies ahead of time for the week, etc. but I HATE having stacks of paper sitting around. Grrr...

      I like the duct tape idea, but I'm worried about what my principal would think. The contact paper is so easy to remove and I actually moved it around a lot as I was applying it to my desk. Duct tape just seems more...permanent? I don't plan on ever switching schools or anything so this is going to be my desk while I teach there, but...I just didn't know how hard it would be to take off?!? Any thoughts? Maybe it is easier than I think...I'm going to try to scrub on it some and see what happens. Maybe I can bring back that shiny luster. :)

      I can't wait to see your room! Adult minions ARE the best! I love the "half-baked" minions! HA!


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