Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

Happy Friday! 

Sorry about not blogging yesterday. I have been trying to make an effort to blog every week day, however yesterday turned out to be an eventful day.

I met with my new fabulous team of teachers to go over some notes about the new school year. I left and decided to stop at the Dollar Tree so see if they had any cute bins for my ISN supplies. I'm worried my bins may be a bit too small. While there my husband called me as he was leaving his annual doctor's appointment (which I urge him to attend even though it is just a check-up). We had just started talking when I heard screeching tires and he said, "I've just been hit. I was just hit." You could tell he was in complete shock. I said, "Call 911 babe, ok?" I didn't hear anything else but the call ended.

I was sort of freaking out. I wasn't sure how OK he was. Was he just in shock and was really hurt? He has a small car so I was concerned about how badly he was hurt and how much damage was done to his car. 

I immediately left and called him again after about 5 minutes (enough time for him to call 911 if needed). He picked up and told me he was fine. The police were on their way and they got the cars off the road. I told him I was nearby and was on my way.

I'm sure that was over doing it but I just had to make sure he was okay. It actually turned out to be a good thing because his car was not driveable. The lady who accidentally hit him was turning left across five lanes of traffic and didn't see my husband. She hit him right at the front of driver's side bumper and even bent the hub cab of the front tire. 

When I arrived the police officer was calling in all of the information from his vehicle and had called a tow truck for my husband's car. We then had to wait for the tow truck and followed it to the dealership. 

What was supposed to be a simple day turned into a few hours. I also had to drive him to work this morning so that I could have a car for the day. He managed to get in touch with her insurance agent and she had already filed the claim so they were able to get hubs a rental car--I just had to take him to pick it up this afternoon. They said that the appraiser would not get to look at his car until Monday. Ugh!

Neither one of us has ever been in an accident where work had to be done on a car before. I was hit once but my dad took care of all of that so I honestly don't even remember how the process worked. LOL! has been a better day! Now hubs has his rental car and so I am no longer a professional chauffer. 

My mom met me at school today and I worked a little bit on my bulletin board. It's not finished yet so I won't put up pictures.... :)

On to the main part of this is Favorite Pins Friday! Woo hoo!

First, let's start with some totally awesome school pins!

I really like the Grade, Copy, File box, but I also would love to add the "Laminate" box to it! I don't think I need any of these others but it just gave me that extra idea. Sometimes I have stuff I need to laminate that sits on my desk for awhile so it would be great to just be able to put it all in one place and pull the drawer when needed.

I love this letter to students! Even middle schoolers still make these common mistakes so I think this is a really sweet reminder for them to proofread their own work. My kids hate looking over their own work for some reason. They have it in their minds that after they type it they are done. This is a very sweet and subtle reminder.

I want this so bad for my classroom! My kids love reading magazines too and so I like to put out a variety. This is probably going to be my next classroom splurge!

I love this bulletin board for multiple reasons. First off, I don't get to teach the holocaust in 7th grade because it is taught in 8th grade at our school. However, that quote is amazing! I also love that she included lots of pictures from the holocaust for the kids to reference. I am working on my bulletin board on segregation to go with the memoir that I teach. I'm using this as my inspiration!

I adore this classroom info station! I am using this to inspire me to make those ugly, but necessary classroom documents a little more attractive near the door.

I love the extra bulletin board in this room! Not only does this look really clean and neat but it would be great to use this to add a fun quote or a little extra decor to the room.

Ok, on to a few personal pins now...

Fruit pizza is probably one of my favorite desserts! I have never thought to make mini versions...duh! I can't wait to make these in the near future.


I have been eyeing Pottery Barn ledges FOR EVER y'all! I just couldn't get over the price to purchase three of them. So over the weekend I searched Pinterest for Pottery Barn knock off ledges and low and behold I found these! Not only do they look super easy to make but they were $20 total! SCORE! I see this in my near future. ;) 


I also love this monogram on a picture frame! I am hoping to make a copycat version soon for our home.

My last one is a little personal but I love this as a daily reminder. Sometimes it is easy for us to judge others decisions and part of my journey on being a better Christian is to remember not to judge people on their own journey. Even if you are not a Christian I think that this is just good advice on being a better person.

That's it for me folks!

Oh, and I would post more classroom pics but it looks like a giant tornado swept through. My mom even commented today that it looks more disorganized. That's what happens when I open more and more boxes and try to organize the madness.

Pics coming soon...I promise!

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  1. What a week! I used to live in Nashville and driving in rush hour traffic was a nightmare. Oddly enough, the only bad accident I had was on the way home to East TN for a weekend visit. You never know! Hope next week is better.

    1. Thanks so much Sara! Nashville does have some crazy rush hour traffic and this was on one of the main roads in Lexington that is a bit crazy too! I am just so blessed that all turned out well and that the lady who hit my husband was also so kind and admitted complete fault. Hopefully this will be a swift process over the next week. :)

  2. One of my friends, Crystal Jenkins, is the original poster of the homophone message on the white board. She was a 7th grade ELA teacher at Brantley County Middle School at the time and had been grading and helping them correct the same writing errors for so long that she provided the message on the board for them to correct with the proper homophones. She has active Facebook and Pinterest pages if you'd like to contact her about tag her as the source of the photo.


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