Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It

I wanted to join in on today's Monday Made It!

First thing I received this morning was an e-mail from Vistaprint with a coupon for 50% off items and 50% off 7-day shipping! I have been using Vistaprint since I started teaching. They may some great items, many of which are free so long as you pay the shipping! I love Vistaprint!

Here is what I made today:

Free address labels with my name on them. Sometimes the kids will take a stapler to their desk or another teacher will need to borrow a hole punch, stapler, etc. I thought these would be great to label my items so that they find their way back to my classroom.
 I also ordered a free small free banner. This has the classroom blog address on it for my students/parents but it up for on here. I try to put several reminders around the classroom. I also try to choose the neutral colors so that I can hopefully reuse this banner for a few school years in the event that I want to change my classroom theme colors.

This is just a free bumper sticker I made. I have two more that I ordered last year. This has the classroom blog address on it, but I covered it up. Again, I tried to pick something neutral that I can hopefully use for years to come.

Probably my favorite thing that I ordered was this postcard! I purchased 100 of them for a little over $12! My goal this year is to have more student responsibility and to take some of that off of my plate. I am going to have a student help take attendance every day. Their job is to write the student name on the other side and put it on my desk. I will then enter attendance for the class period and at the end of the day staple/paper clip this post card to their work and put it in the "absent" crate.

This is the back of the postcard. I could've added more than the 3 assignments, however I did not want to cram my handwriting onto tiny lines. I also wanted to add the "additional notes" area in case there was something that I needed to explain. At the bottom of the postcard I put the classroom blog address again to remind them to check it so that they can keep up with class. I try to put this on everything so that the kids will utilize it! I erased it for posting online. I will probably order more later in the school year as needed.
The absent crate has not been created yet, however I have several extra crates in my classroom. I was inspired by this pin on pinterest but can't find the original pinner to give credit to.
If you know who created this please let me know! I love that everything is organized alphabetically by last name. With 5 classes to teach this will probably be the easiest method to use and I can then reuse them again next year!!!
So that was what I spent some time working on today. I found a lot of other free goodies (pens, post-its, etc.) but you can only order 2 free at a time! I will purchase freebies with my next order.
I also started another project around 10pm last night but it is not yet complete. I will post pictures when it is finished! :)

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