Friday, July 5, 2013

Middle School Minions

     I am going to start off this blog by giving a shout out to the movie Despicable Me for introducing the word "minion" to my lexicon. I absolutely love the movie and love Dr. Gru's minions and always found them hilarious.

     Teaching middle school I found that I share a lot of my taste in movies with my students because they loved the movie Despicable Me as much as I did. So, of course, I started calling them my minions and they found this to be hilarious! It was such a hit that it became a recurring joke throughout the school year and they started to refer to themselves as my minions.

     This seemed like the perfect name for my blog because one of the most important things for me as a teacher is to find common ground with my students and to make learning fun and engaging for them on a daily basis. In a roundabout way, this silly title helps me to remember that as I go through the day to day life of being a middle school teacher.

     This blog will serve as a window into many of the lessons and materials I have developed for use in my classroom. Hopefully it will be useful to other teachers and all of their future minions.

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