Friday, July 12, 2013

Teacher Resource Center & A Giveaway Link

I spent today once again back at the Teacher Resource Center in my school district. You may ask yourself why I am spending so much time there.
I have one answer for you: it is amazing!
Our school district just relocated the Teacher Resource Center to a brand spankin' new building! It is absolutely gorgeous! The new center is on the second floor and is perfectly laid out so that you can work and create everything you need for your classroom comfortably.
I never really spent much time at the old Teacher Resource Center. It was behind one of the high schools but seemed kind of dreary. I popped over a few times to make some cutout letters...
Oh, so here is the main reason why I use it: the Variquest Design Center.
Oh my! This is a thing of beauty folks! It is a computer with a touch screen (a keyboard is also available if you prefer)  that you can tell exactly what you want in cutouts and it will CUT IT OUT FOR YOU ON CONSTRUCTION PAPER!
Seriously. This is the best time saver for a teacher ever. I have been working on my bulletin board and a few new posters for in the classroom. All I have to do is pop out the cute stuff that it already has cut out for me and is ready to go through the laminator.
Today was day 3 at the Teacher Resource Center. I meant to take some pics for y'all while I was there but I got carried away working and completely forgot! I promise to take some next week when I go so you can see the beauty in this place. I couldn't believe that today I got so much done and only two other people even came in! I know I will be glad I got all of this stuff done early (before the rush sets in) and can reuse it for a long time. :)
While there I was talking to the sweet ladies that run the center and make everything so easy for teachers like me in the school district. We talked about the amazing Variquest Design Center and then we started talking about doing cutouts from home. One of them mentioned the Cricut (pronounced cricket) machine and I had to find this bad boy and see what exactly it looked like and how much it was.

Cricut Expression Machine

I would love to have one of these for my own personal use at home. After using the Variquest so much just for my classroom I can see the benefits of having something similar to use for everything from scrapbooking to crafting.
Well, the absolutely amazing Pick Your Plum is giving one away to not only one lucky winner but also their best friend! How amazing would that be?
To enter the giveaway Click Here and like the Pinterest pages listed in the Rafflecopter. If the Rafflecopter is not showing up you may need to use a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
Good luck to everyone and Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    So happy you dropped by my blog and left a comment! Your teacher resource center sounds amazing, can't wait to see pictures! Is it open all summer? Do you have to go there even during the school year or do you have these resources on your campus as well? The cricut has been on my wishlist forever!!!! So excited to head over there and enter! Thanks for sharing!

    The Bender Bunch


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