Friday, August 30, 2013


Lot of great ISN covers and papers to share my kids have been doing in class!

First up, the boys........

Food and animals!

Dr. Oz made an appearance!

Lots of cars...

This one cracks me up! I love that the student cut out each letter to spell his own sentence! I also love the dog on the window of the convertible!

Inside page of the notebook....

I also had them fill-out the fakebook page that I created. This item is free on Teachers Pay Teachers! It let me learn a lot about my kids!

This is a student I had last year that I'm so lucky to have this year! I love that one of her favorite things about Language Arts is me! SO sweet!

Great to know what makes them enjoy a class too!

I also loved looking at their dreams for the future... I have some future doctors, engineers and even a musician!

THIS STUDENT MADE MY DAY! He had said one thing he disliked about Language Arts was "Reading." Look at his TBR list! It is full of almost every book I have discussed with the kids this year! He wants to read them all! :) 

This is a new student who is clearly trying to butter me up! :) 

This is an overview of the different genres and the definition of each genre. I used a lot of the ideas I found online, however I tweaked some things and added horror to the list!

Now time for the covers decorated by my girls! These are a lot more elaborate!

Lots of make-up and fashion....

and pets.....

The "Funkytown Exit" cracked me up as well as the lady from the viral video "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

I blurred out the student's name, however she had a really cute diagonal of her name!

This student spelled out Honey Boo Boo, her favorite show, because she couldn't find the words!

A quote written out in cut out letters.

Cats were on this composition notebook already so this student gave them sunglasses. HAHA!

The inside of the notebooks...

We discussed how to find a "just right" book.

These are some of our notes. I'm not picky with the left and right side rule because they will be doing so much journaling.

TBR list is taped to the back of the notebook.

This is the TBR list closed and the genre overview with definitions on the last page of the notebook!

Just a reminder to please donate to our classroom library through!

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